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Staying financially afloat

I know for many people right now, myself included, finances are tight. So if you'd like to do a budget or talk about ways that could help you out during this crisis please contact me.

Here's a few quick tips I will pass on that I have learned recently:

1. Contact your credit card companies and negotiate the payment and/or interest. You can also ask for a one time courtesy skip a month that many credit card companies are offering during this crisis.

2. Many (if not all) mortgage companies are offering a special forbearance for 3 months. MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT YOUR MORTGAGE LENDER. You still will have to fill out an application and qualify.

3. Reflect. Think about how you're going to change your spending and budgeting while adjusting to everything. You should be saving on gas with no commute. Possibly no this is a great time to see where you can move money that you were putting in one place somewhere else.

I hope everyone and their families are staying healthy and safe; and for those who have fallen ill, I hope you all have a safe and quick recovery.

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